Drilling / Well Temparature Control

Drill Cool Systems, Inc. has been the original manufacturer of Mud Coolers also known as Geo-Coolers for over 30 years and offers the best Mud Cooling Systems worldwide
The Drill Cool System offers drilling engineers the most advanced technology for safely and cost-efficiently completing geothermal, hot oil and gas well drilling operations.
The Drill Cool System features two exclusive and distinct technologies: The Geo-Cooler drilling fluid chiller, and the Insulated Drill Pipe (IDP). While these fluid temperature management devices can be leased individually, the collective use of both technologies can reduce drilling mud/fluid temperatures by more than 50 percent at the BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly).


1. Standard Geo-Cooler : This is our most frequently used Mud Cooler. Common in short and long-term wells, the Standard Geo-Cooler is a perfect solution for cooling needs on land with access to fresh water.

2. FX Seawater Geo-Cooler : Designed for economical, trouble-free operation, effective temperature reduction, and superior solids handling the FX Seawater Geo-Cooler is ideally suited for your offshore drilling needs. The FX Seawater Geo-Cooler is easy to install, operate and maintain

Benefits of Drill cool system

•Reduce MTBF of Surface Equipment
•Safer Fluid Temperatures on Surface
•Reduce Drilling Fluid Maintenance Cost
•Reduce Corrosion
•Improve Bit Life
•Permits the use of PDM’s in HT wells
•Improves Cement Application
•Improves Tool Life and Function
•Reduce MWD/LWD Failures