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TECHNOLOGY: W. L. Gore Geochemical Survey (best in class US based company)
OBJECTIVE: De-risking tool to establish presence of hydrocarbon and to also delineate existing reservoir(s)
CLIENT: Oil India Limited
AREA: Mizoram (frontier exploration)
RESULTS: Suvira in conjunction with WL Gore managed to complete the survey in extremely difficult terrain in less than 36 days. The results were analyzed in USA and have resulted in:

1. Establishing presence of hydrocarbons
2. Significantly reducing costs of further exploration in terms of drilling fewer wells(more important the right ones) and
3. Having focused 3D seismic survey on areas to further amplify the earth's image on areas of interest


TECHNOLOGY: Electro Magnetic Geo Services AS (best in class Norwegian based company) World Oil Awards Winner, Offshore Technology Award Winner
OBJECTIVE: De-risking tool to detect presence of hydrocarbon and to also delineate existing reservoir(s)
CLIENT: Reliance Industries Limited
AREA: East Coast of India
RESULTS: Suvira in conjunction with EMGS AS has successfully executed two back to back surveys for RIL and helped in :

1. Identifying locations to be drilled in the expensive deepwater campaign of RIL-in the frontier areas (EMGS established the discoveries before they were made)
2. In KG D6 ( Dhirubhai field) EMGS helped delineate existing reservoirs and finding new locations to be drilled
3. Resulting in significant cost savings to the client in excess of USD 500 million in focusing on the right wells
4. Having focused 3D seismic and Q marine surveys on areas to further amplify the earths image on areas of interest


TECHNOLOGY: Seismic Micro Technology Inc (best in class US based company)
OBJECTIVE: Interpretation Software that rapidly reduces time to drill and low cost of ownership per seat
CLIENT: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
AREA: Pan India presence
RESULTS: Suvira in conjunction with SMT successfully introduced and project managed the introduction of twenty corporate licenses into ONGC. The usage of SMT Inc has resulted in:

1. Reduction of total cost of ownership per license for interpretation (1/5th cost compared to its peers)
2. Drastic reduction in interpretation time due to easier work flow and ease of use
3. Bringing the field to office as the software is PC based and can operate on simple laptops unlike its peers
4. ONGC contemplating corporate wide usage and comparing it to the MS Office for G & G


TECHNOLOGY: EV Downhole Camera
OBJECTIVE: Investigating downhole issues with Real time or Memory video cameras
CLIENT: Cairn India Limited
AREA: Across India (Major Basins of India)

Case 1
Onshore well (Oct 2012)
Camera type: E-line and Coil Tubing cameras
Camera callout was issued to identify the reasons for held up and subsequent runs with E-Line and Coil tubing camera identified the major issue which was part of the SSD collapsed into the well .Communication was also observed between casing and annulus.

Case 2
Offshore well (Dec 2012)
Camera type: Optis Slickline cameras
We were asked to investigate the reasons for held-up which was obtained at 830m MD and then a subsequent over-pull of 500 lbs was obtained at the same depth while running dummy tool string (prior to perforation) on E-line.
With help of the videos obtained we were able to identify the cause of held up which was bent tubing. Also deep scratches a few gouges have been noticed where the tool-string has dug into the tubing as a result of being pushed into the side.

Case 3
Offshore well (January 2013)
Camera type: Optis Slickline cameras
While running a gauge cutter, a HUD was experienced at 1780m. After successful camera job, it was evident that there is a thick black fluid in the area of interest which is giving an extra over pull.