Seismic Services

TGS Nopec

TGS provides global geo-scientific data products and services to the oil and gas industry to assist with licensing rounds and the preparation of regional data programs. TGS invests in multi-client data projects in frontier, emerging and mature markets worldwide that make up a data library of seismic imaging, well data and interpretive products and services.

TGS has acquired 2D and 3D multi-client seismic data in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Arctic. There is also a database of marine gravity, magnetics and aeromagnetic data. All multi-client data can be viewed through the Data Zone.

TGS also provides advanced permanently installed Reservoir monitoring solutions to the global oil and gas industry. Leveraging unique fibre-optic sensing technology, TGS' Stingray® systems combine high quality full-wave imaging with unrivalled reliability.
Data from marine, land, OBC, transition zone and wide-azimuth acquisition methods are processed by the Imaging Services group, who specialize in 2D and 3D data with products and services including time/depth and anisotropic imaging.

The TGS Imaging Services group has the technology, expertise and resources to meet the highest geophysical processing objectives required in today's quest for hydrocarbons. TGS' research and development professionals are continually developing new technology and workflows, as well as enhancing existing ones. TGS processes both 2D and 3D seismic data, with products and services which include:

• Depth and time imaging
• Marine, land, ocean bottom cable (OBC), transition zone processing
• Wide azimuth data processing
• Anisotropic imaging (VTI and TTI)

TGS has the industry’s largest collection of online well data in areas within North America, South America, Europe, Russia and Africa.
TGS offers interpretation studies and services that integrate seismic, well logs, bio-stratigraphic data, core data and other geo-scientific data to create basin-wide regional frameworks. TGS’ geoscientists are also available for contract consulting work in geology, geophysics and petro physics.

KMS Technologies

KMS Technologies is a division of KJT Enterprises Inc. and focuses on integrating advanced electromagnetic methods for the oil industry to increase the discovery and recovery factor. KMS along with Suvira Energy provide services, R&D projects and several unique hardware and software products in the Indian Oil and gas market.

We also develop the following breakthrough or game changing technologies for the oil industry for reservoir monitoring from permanent sensors to surface-to-borehole systems.

Permanent sensor technology for fluid and density determination:

EM Permanent Sensor: Together with various alliance partners we can provide full permanent or semi-permanent EM monitoring of water/steam flood from the surface or borehole or surface-to-borehole.

EM instruments

• Land transmitters for CSEM (50 kW & 200 kW)
• Fluxgate magnetometers
• Induction coil magnetometers
• Electrodes
• Mud-logging NMR (MR-ML™)
• Downhole EM systems
• Marine EM systems
• Calibrating systems

Our hardware is supported by various software products:

Land and marine CSEM system development

• Our CSEM systems include land and marine system. For land applications we specialize in high channel counts at cost/channel close to seismic acquisition system. For marine applications we focus on developing or modifying existing systems for special time domain CSEM operations or the development of complete marine EM system. This technology is not restricted by water depth or offset and has industry disruptive potential.
• Surface-to-borehole systems: We have passed laboratory prototype stage on our surface-to-borehole EM monitoring system which integrated with a commercial borehole seismic system.

Borehole system development
• Single Well EM: We are presently developing a single-well EM system for geo steering applications that has the ability to look around the wellbore and ahead of the bit to distance greater than ten meters. We are presently seeking a partner for continuous development.
• Through Casing Resistivity: We developed a strong patent portfolio and specific designs in support of other projects and are seeking a partner for hardware development.
Project management and consulting service
• Downhole logging tool development
• Land and Marine Electromagnetics (survey design and supervision, data processing)
• Integrated surface geophysics
• Custom electromagnetic systems design and commercial prototyping
• Sub-salt and sub-basalt imaging
• Borehole geophysics
• Technology evaluation/transfer
• Industry technology due-diligence